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1. How will the Great Books professional development program help me to be a better teacher?
Being a great teacher means guiding your students and challenging them to think critically. Great Books professional development will help you lead classroom discussions in any subject that will engage and challenge your students.

2. Is the Great Books professional development program a sustained professional development program or does it end after the initial two-day training?
After you take the initial two-day training, our trainers will be available to you to provide basic support, answer your questions, and explain how to adapt the Great Books Shared Inquiry™ method to your specific classroom situation. When you become more familiar with Shared Inquiry, our 200- and 300-level courses will help you strengthen your skills and develop true expertise. We also offer on-site consultation days in which we model discussion and coach you to enable you to effectively use Shared Inquiry in your classroom.

3. Can I use the Great Books professional development program toward my continuing education credits (CEU)?
Yes. We offer continuing education credits through Harrison Middleton University. After taking the initial course, you can apply for credits by answering a few simple questions. CEUs are also available through many local districts and education service centers.

4. What is the time commitment to participate in the Great Books professional development program?
If you participate in the Great Books professional development program, you can expect to receive 10 hours of instruction over two days. However, we are flexible with scheduling. If your school schedules a Great Books professional development course, then it can determine which hours and days are most convenient for its staff. If you have questions, contact the sales representative for your state.

5. Can I implement this professional development across the curriculum?
Yes! The Great Books Shared Inquiry method is applicable across all content areas, from reading to social studies, from science to math.

6. How will this professional development help my students achieve at higher levels?
Scientific, reviewed research has shown that Shared Inquiry improves students’ reading comprehension on standardized tests and their critical thinking in writing assessments. Plus, teachers see more enthusiasm for reading and better listening and collaboration. Studies carried out by the National Staff Development Council and the National Education Association hail Great Books professional development as “what works in results-based professional development” for student learning in grades K through 12.

7. How much does the Great Books professional development program cost?
The price of our professional development program depends on a variety of factors, including the number of participants and the type of course. A discount is offered for early registration.

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