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At the heart of the Great Books professional development program is the focus on the Shared Inquiry method. Shared Inquiry is characterized by the use of open-ended questions and a strong focus on interpretation. Teachers use questions to guide students as they learn to think and share ideas. This questioning process occurs during Shared Inquiry discussion—the key component of the method and what distinguishes it from more traditional learning approaches.

In the Great Books professional development program, teachers learn how to lead develop effective questions and lead students through a dynamic discussion. This approach promotes an atmosphere in which students openly and respectfully express their ideas, develop critical thinking skills, learn to synthesize and then internalize what they have read.

We are passionate about the Shared Inquiry™ method, and you will be too, once you learn more about it. Please fill in this form, and someone will contact you to tell you about the Great Books professional development program. Don't worry, there is absolutely no obligation.

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