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We are passionate about the Shared Inquiry method, and you will be too, once you learn more about it. Please fill in this form, and someone will contact you to tell you about the Great Books professional development program. Don't worry, there is absolutely no obligation.

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For over 60 years the Great Books Shared Inquiry method of learning has sparked students’ curiosity and challenged their thinking. It has been proven to be an efficient, highly effective, and flexible teaching method that can be used by students at all achievement levels and with any subject matter. Teachers who implement the Great Books Shared Inquiry method immediately notice their studentsí enthusiastic participation.

Teacher Testimonials If you want to create a lively and stimulating learning environment in your classroom, find out more about the Great Books Shared Inquiry method today! Just fill in the form above, and someone will contact you to answer all your questions about the Great Books method and how you can implement it in your classroom.